Parish Finance Council

The Finance Council exists to assist the Parish Priest in regards to his responsibilities for financial and administrative matters of the Parish. 

Specifically, the Parish Finance Council has the following duties:

Financial management

The Finance Council advises the Parish Priest on any financial policies or transactions for the Parish and ensures that relevant budgets, records, insurances and risks are appropriately managed and maintained.

Financial Reporting

The Finance Council ensures that an annual audit of the financial statements is completed and that it monitors the financial position of the Parish on a regular basis.


The Finance Council advises the Parish Priest in respect of legal compliance and regulatory requirements relating to the administrative operation of the Parish.


The Finance Council assists the Parish Priest maintain all Parish property, plant and equipment as well as assist in obtaining quotes for relevant works and offer advice in respect of suitable contractors and works

The Parish Finance Council is made up of the following persons:

Chair: Angelo Piantadosi

Parish Priest: Fr.Jeevan Gabriel SMM

Assistant Priest: Fr. Michael Odiwa

Members: Lorna Di Sisto, Peter De Palma, Rob Holling (Planned Giving Chair), Fabian Royan