Baptism is the beginning of a marvellous relationship between The Divine and the human. The fruits of that relationship are reflected in the way the baptised person lives, loves, and serves. All the baptised are called to build up the Christian community and to make a difference in the world. Parents and Godparents especially have an important role to play in forming the faith of their children.  But everyone in the community has a stake in every Baptism that is celebrated within our community because every celebration of Baptism challenges each of us to renew our own profession of faith and our commitment to the mission of Christ. We all need the love and support of those around us. Thus we come together each Sunday to be nourished and empowered for this mission by the Word and by the Eucharist.

The Baptism Preparation Team assists new parents to prepare for baptism through formation evenings where the family is supported in preparing for the baptism of their child.  

The Baptism in Hectorville Catholic Community is celebrated every Sunday at 12.15 pm. If you are considering to have your child baptised in the Hectorville Catholic Community, please book the date through the Parish.         

For bookings for Baptisms contact the Parish Office on (08) 8336 9988