Parish Pastoral Council

According to the directives of Canon 536, the Parish Pastoral Council is an arm of the parish with the mandate “fostering pastoral care activities”. Thus, members of the Parish Pastoral Council are responsible for encouraging, supporting and initiating action in our parish community which puts into practice the Church’s role in evangelisation.

An important part of parish life and leadership is the parish Pastoral Council. This group of faithful men and women are called to lead, above all by example. They provide the priests with wise counsel for ensuring the spiritual and pastoral vitality of their parish community, now and in the future. We work together with the priests and deacon with listening and receptive attitude. It explores the needs, hopes, and gifts of the parish.

Parish Pastoral Council 2019

Chair: Mark Jaksa

Parish Priest: Fr.Jeevan Gabriel SMM

Assistant Priest: Fr. Michael Odiwa

Finance Chair: Angelo Piantadosi

Parish School Principal: Liz Thomas

APRIM: Michael Proctor

Members: Shanti Suppiah (Secretary), Frank Canil, Nick Carusi, Anthony DeIeso, Neil De Souza, Gerard Goh, Julieta Navaro & Michael Sarunic